3 Reasons to Get an Air Test

3 Reasons to Get an Air Test

  • Posted: Feb 08, 2016
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Getting an air test is one of the single best things you can do as a diligent homeowner. There’s a number of reasons to get an air test for your home or office, but we’re going to name the top ones to be concise.

1. Find invisible mold

Did you know that mold isn’t always visible? It can lurk behind walls, under floors, and beneath crawl spaces. Worse still, mold spores can become airborne, infecting the air you breathe and triggering mold allergies and mold exposure symptoms.

But when you can’t see the mold, you can’t know what caused it or how much there is, let alone how to get rid of it. That’s where air tests come in.

Air tests take a sample of the air in your home and run it in a lab. The results show the mold spore count in your home. This will tell you a lot of useful information, starting with where this mold is located. You can’t fight something you can’t see.

2. Determine how much mold there is

When you get your air test results, you might be a little overwhelmed. The thing is, air tests almost always come back with a mold spore count. But that’s because mold spores are natural, and there are almost always some harmless ones in the air.

The air test will tell you if you have a dangerous amount of mold spores in your home, as well as what type of mold it is. So if you’ve got toxic black mold on your hands, you’ll know from the air test.

This also means that you could get peace of mind from the air test. You may discover you have a harmless spore count and perhaps you’re experiencing seasonal allergies or smelling a musty smell from something much less scary than mold.

3. Stop mold from infesting further

The greatest advantage of getting an air test is not the peace of mind that it can offer, but the amount of damage it can prevent. it’s a non-invasive inspection technique that doesn’t involve necessarily breaking down walls or stripping back floor boards.

Plus, it allows you to address your mold infestation before it gets so bad that it makes you extremely ill and there is visible mold all over. People who wait until they see visible mold are at a much greater disadvantage when it comes to remediation costs, let alone mold exposure symptoms.

So if you smell or sense mold in your home, don’t delay. Schedule an air test through Mold Inspection Illinois right away. You can’t put a price on peace of mind!

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