How To Protect Your Family From Mold Exposure in 2016

How To Protect Your Family From Mold Exposure in 2016

  • Posted: Dec 31, 2015
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If this December has been any indicator, 2016 is going to be a rainy year for Illinois, causing flooding, increased moisture in the air, and of course, mold growth. So how can you keep your family safe from the coming onslaught of unpredictable weather and sneaky mold growth? We have some tips for you.

Know the Signs of Mold

The first step to keeping you, your family, and even your pets safe from mold in 2016 is to know the signs of mold. Unfortunately many people who contact us here at Mold Inspection Illinois accidentally let a minor mold problem become a major health hazard simply because they were unfamiliar with the signs of mold. Don’t let this happen to you! Do your research to keep your family safe.

Check Your Tub and Bathroom

One of mold’s all-time favorite places to grow is in bathrooms. Bathrooms provide mold with plenty of moisture and very little (if any) ventilation, allowing mold to grow rapidly. There are key ways to check, prevent, and treat bathroom mold and they should be followed if you don’t want your children soaking in toxic mold every time they take a bath.

Watch For Mold Exposure Symptoms

If your children are coughing excessively, sneezing, or exhibiting other allergy-like symptoms, you may have a mold problem. However, many people are unfamiliar with the wide variety of symptoms ascribed to mold exposure, so make sure you’re well-versed in these and get an inspection immediately if you or your family are experiencing any of these symptoms.

Stick to IICRC Certified Mold Removal Specialists

At Mold Inspection Illinois we exclusively refer Illinois residents to mold remediation companies with IICRC certifications. That’s because the IICRC certification process is a comprehensive and involved one, that guarantees that your mold removal technician is fully capable of handling remediation in your home both safely and effectively.

Make Sure Your Child’s School is Safe

No matter how safe you keep your family at home, you don’t have control over the spore count in your child’s school. Mold in schools is a common problem in Illinois, endangering students and teachers alike. So make sure to check your child for mold exposure symptoms and demand school administrators remediate any mold issues in your child’s school.

Make a resolution to keep your family safe from mold exposure in 2016 and follow the above steps to ensure health and happiness in the year to come!

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