Lee County Jail Infested with Mold

Lee County Jail Infested with Mold

  • Posted: Jan 27, 2016
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Lee County’s detention facility is infested with mold and local officials’ hands are tied in regards to fixing this issue. The jail has been experiencing problems for years, mostly do with the fact that it has very low funds to maintain its upkeep.

First off, the structure was built in 1970 and still has its original plumbing. That alone, is a huge problem.

But there’s also a number of leaks in the building that drip into offices as well as the jail cells. These leaks have caused the spread of mold growth throughout the building, making the environment unsafe for the health of the staff and the inmates.

Mold infestations are incredibly dangerous for people’s health and can trigger allergies, as well as illnesses and even fungal infections. Not to mention the fact that it can permanently damage a building’s structure.

These leaks and mold issues are ultimately costing the state more money than if they just built a new facility. In fact, the Lee County Sheriff’s office has called for a 1% tax increase in order to build a new jail because this current building does not meet the requirements laid out by the Illinois Jail Standards Act.

Sheriff Simonton is urging this to happen quickly because these inmates deserve to be treated humanely. No one should have to live or work in a mold infested building.

Regardless of how the surrounding community feels about this increase, it may very well be necessary in order to protect the health of the county jail staff and inmates.

The issues with the jail go beyond mold. They have been experiencing overcrowding and don’t have separate areas for juveniles or for inmates with mental problems. The facility is even experiencing some sewage backup issues due to the outdated plumbing.

In short, they need a bigger facility that is safe for everyone’s health. And If this tax is passed, they could have a new jail built by mid 2017. So let’s hope they can get this bill moving so that the inmates and staff of the Lee County jail can be in a safe work and living environment.

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