Mold Found in Illinois Elementary School’s Basement

Mold Found in Illinois Elementary School’s Basement

  • Posted: Jan 29, 2016
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Recent flooding in southern Illinois has led to water damage and even mold growth in an Illinois elementary school’s basement.

An environmental consulting firm conducted an inspection just one day before Vermilion County schools underwent a forced temporary closure because of safety concerns. This was when they discovered extensive mold in Cannon Elementary School’s basement in Danville, IL.

The basement, which also contains classrooms, is considered to be an unsafe environment and  consulting firm recommends immediate remediation. The 94-year-old building has been inspected by several experts. The the reports all agree that this is a serious issue that needs to be addressed.

Essentially, they recommend taking significant measures to safeguard the building against future flooding in order to keep it structurally sound.

Courtice Bowman, a member of one of the expert teams, took air samples of several areas in the school, including the basement. He took seven samples from the basement, which contains the school’s cafeteria, kitchen, library, and nurse’s office, as well as several classrooms.

He stated that the custodians successfully cleaned most of the mold out of the basement, but there is still  a strong mold infestation on that floor. In fact, according to the tests, there is toxic black mold colonizing in the elementary school’s basement.

Bowman insisted to the school board that exposure to the mold is dangerous and the area should remain restricted. He also noted that if any of the books in the library were found to have mold growth, they should be thrown out, since it is nearly impossible to remove mold from paper products.

The good news is that the school board and the county did act quickly in order to keep the students safe from mold exposure. The county did so by temporarily closing the schools after the flooding in order to have them inspected and the board held a meeting, not long after, to decide what steps to take next.

The school board has agreed to invest $12,000 in mold remediation and flood prevention costs. In the meantime, Cannon Elementary School students will be relocated to other local elementary schools until Cannon is safe for them again.

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