5 Reasons You Should Never Wait to Remediate

5 Reasons You Should Never Wait to Remediate

  • Posted: Feb 10, 2016
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People come up with a lot of excuses why they should wait to remediate their mold. Some say it’s not really a problem. Some tell us they can remove it themselves. Some say they’ll get it done when it gets “really bad.” The results are the same though, no matter what your excuses are. So here are Mold Inspection IllInois’ 5 reasons you should never wait to remediate.

1. It can damage your home

Even if you have a minor mold infestation, it can and will become a major one if you put off remediation. A lot of people think that they can get rid of whatever caused the mold and they’ll be good to go. For instance, people who had a leak that caused mold will fix the leak, and assume that drying out the mold will kill it. It won’t.

Furthermore, long-term mold growth can seriously affect your home’s structure and even lower your home’s overall value. It can destroy hardwood, drywall, and more. So don’t let your home be mercilessly attacked by mold. Save your home and retain its value by remediating your mold.

2. It can affect your health

Mold exposure symptoms can be mild or they can be quite serious, even causing fungal infections. This is dependent on how prolonged your exposure is. We’ve had people call in complaining about extreme dizziness, nose bleeds, constant coughing, and more. Worse still, they didn’t sound alarmed by their symptoms, just annoyed!

Many of our customers were even hospitalized before they finally decided to get their mold professionally remediated. Don’t be stubborn and put off your remediation. Mold exposure is extremely dangerous for your health.

3. It can harm your pets

If the above information wasn’t enough to make sure you never wait to remediate, then this certainly will. As big animal lovers, we at Mold Inspection Illinois are appalled whenever people risk their pets’ health by waiting to remediate their mold. Mold can have terrifying effects on your pets.

We don’t know about you, but knowing our pets are at risk is enough to get us running to the nearest IICRC certified professional to remove that mold. So be a good pet owner and protect your furry friend’s health by getting your mold remediated right away.

4. It will only get worse

Oftentimes our customers will see a couple black spots on their shower wall and think nothing of it. Then they notice the number of spots has doubled, tripled, quadrupled until they suddenly realize they have a problem.

Don’t let this happen to you. If you think you see or smell mold in your home, get it taken care of right away, otherwise it will only grow. And more importantly, never attempt to remove it yourself. This is a job for professionals, so put down that bleach!

5. It will get expensive

A lot of our customers complain about how much remediation costs. They claim they can do it themselves for much cheaper. Unfortunately, they couldn’t be more wrong.

Remediation is pricey for a reason. it’s a difficult and involved task that can and should only be performed by certified professionals. It will only get more expensive the longer you wait to remediate. Let alone if you try to remove it yourself. That can make matters even worse than leaving the mold alone.

So never wait to remediate. Keep your home, your health, and your pets safe. Schedule your mold inspection through Mold Inspection Illinois today.

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