7 Mold Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

7 Mold Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

  • Posted: Apr 29, 2016
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We know a lot about mold. You might even call us mold experts here at Mold Inspection Illinois. And we noticed that a lot of our customers are poorly informed when it comes to mold growth in their homes, as well as mold in general. So we put together this list of mold facts, some helpful and some just for fun. Test your mold knowledge now!

1. Most people are allergic to mold

The sneezing, coughing, and rashes that are commonly associated with mold exposure are caused by an allergy to mold. You may think you’re in the clear, but actually most people are allergic to mold. Regardless though, it’s dangerous for everyone.

2. Bleach doesn’t kill mold

We’ve found countless of DIY sites claiming bleach kills mold, but this is totally false. Bleach can kill the mold on the surface, but it does nothing for the roots of the mold. So really it just gives you a false sense of security, allowing the mold to spread even more.

3. Mold can grow on your skin

Your skin is a porous surface, just like paper or wood. Plus it retains moisture, making it the perfect spot for mold growth. It’s alarming, but uncommon.

4. Most sinus infections are caused by mold

Your sinuses are moist, dark cavities that mold loves. In fact, most sinus infections are actually misdiagnosed. They’re really fungal infections from mold growth.

5. Dead mold spores can still harm you

If you kill mold without the proper chemicals, there can still be dead mold spores in the air. And these dead mold spores can be just as harmful to your health as live ones triggering allergies and immunity problems.

6. Some mold is smart

Scientists recently discovered a type of slime mold that was able to learn and remember, despite not having a brain. Pretty creepy!

7. Mold resistant paint doesn’t work

A lot of people try painting over mold to kill it or they use mold resistant paint to prevent it. Neither method works. Mold resistant paint is just a marketing ploy.

We hope we were able to surprise you with some of these mold facts! Either way though, don’t let mold surprise you in your home. If you suspect you have a mold infestation, schedule an inspection with us today.

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