Animal Shelter Unable to Open Due to Mold Issue

Animal Shelter Unable to Open Due to Mold Issue

  • Posted: Jan 22, 2016
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A mold issue stopped two nonprofit animal organizations from opening a combined location in Rantoul, IL. The organizations were an animal shelter called Catsnap and a welfare organization called Hospice Hearts Sanctuary.

The two organizations jointly purchased the building nearly 2 years ago with the intention of opening a hybrid organization there. The joint endeavor was aimed at helping find homes for animals with special needs as well as offering affordable veterinary services for low-income pet owners.

They wanted to offer low-cost spaying and neutering, veterinary services, a pet food pantry, community education and outreach, as well as a temporary shelter for homeless animals.

However, when they were finally able to look into renovating, they discovered that their limited funds were no match for the black mold that covered the walls of the building’s basement. They realized it was unsafe for humans and animals to be in such a building.

Unfortunately, the two nonprofits didn’t have the funds for remediation and a new space has not been chosen, so the animals of that area will not receive the benefits of this new hybrid shelter all because of mold.

As a result, the space was converted into a law office, the owner of which declares he took care of the mold issue completely.

It’s yet another sad story of how mold can foil plans and disrupt lives. We hope that Catsnap and  Hospice Hearts are able to find a new location in Rantoul, perhaps separately this time, so that the animals and low-income pet owners in that community will get to reap the benefits that these organizations provide.

Regardless of this sad outcome, we laud the organizations’ decision not to put the health of humans and animals at risk. Spending time in in a mold-infested building is incredibly dangerous for your health.

Animals are just as susceptible to mold allergies and mold illness as humans are, so this was really the only option for these organizations.

If you’re worried about the health of your own pet, schedule a mold inspection with us today, so that you and your pet can breathe safely in your home.

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