Are You Afraid of the Basement – Part 2

Are You Afraid of the Basement – Part 2

  • Posted: Nov 20, 2015
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Suddenly, all I saw was darkness. Somewhere in the background I could hear the Mold Inspection Illinois representative speaking, but I couldn’t make out the words.

I struggled to move my arms or cry out, but instead I lay motionless, suspended in some sort of musty equilibrium. The mold had won.

Struck with terror and needing a source of comfort, I forced myself to replay memories of my childhood in Schaumberg, remembering days where I ran freely in the backyard with my brothers and sisters. I thought of my clean home, void of all mold spores, and tears began to well in the corner of my eyes.

This was the end, and I only had my own negligence to blame. If only I had called someone sooner…

Each moment was achingly long as I waited for some sort of change, either in the retention of my own consciousness or the seemingly static environment around me. I wondered whether I would ever meet my untimely demise, or if instead I would be trapped in this endless purgatory, drifting aimlessly in a solitary existence.

Then, out of the stark void of nothingness, I felt a breeze. It was as though my hair was being tousled in the wind, and I felt my heart leap with the promise of hope.

Above me, there was a minute break in the blackness. Chaotic swarms of spores swirled around my head, and I was suddenly able to make out the stucco pattern on my kitchen ceiling.

In the distance, I heard the yip of my beloved pooch. It wasn’t over. I wasn’t over!

I felt a firm tug on my right foot as though something had been wrapped around it, and, pulled by some unseen force, began to steadily slide across my kitchen floor. As I moved, the form of a large man came into focus. He was brandishing something that resembled a leaf blower, and it was causing the mold spores to scatter haphazardly in every direction.

He stood triumphant, shouting, “GET BACK – THIS HOME IS NOT YOURS!”

I continued to lay motionless on the floor, not sure whether to cheer, cry, or simply get out of the way. The man grabbed me by the shoulders, looked deep into my eyes and said, “Grab your dog and get out. Get out, before it’s too late.”

My dog lay shivering in the corner, wide eyed and whimpering. I grabbed him around the waist and sprinted for the front door, feet flailing beneath me as I slipped on large pools of oozing, reeking mold.

The fresh air hit me lake a wave and I was suddenly drenched in relief, but turned back to see the large man desperately fighting the mold as the front door slammed shut.

We stared at the entryway intently for what seemed like an eternity.

Then, a roar of noise rumbled the door at its hinges, and shingles began to slide off the roof like unwanted scales. The door burst open, and mold spores began to pour forth as the large man ushered them out of my home with a primal yell.

It was as over as quickly as it started.

Behind him, my house was sparkling and pristine. He smiled at me and said, “Thank you for calling Mold Inspection Illinois. Your house is now mold free.”

So, that was it. That was the day that Mold Inspection Illinois saved my home… and my life.