Mold Symptoms to Watch Out For

Mold Symptoms to Watch Out For

  • Posted: Oct 27, 2016
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Mold in your home is never something any homeowner wants to see. Whether it’s a small amount or an entire room, there is always cause for concern when thinking about mold symptoms. At Mold Inspection Illinois, we want to keep our readers safe from harm. Because make no mistake about it, mold exposure is a serious threat to your health.

Especially if you are living with children, there are serious illnesses that can arise due to mold forming inside your home. The worst part is that mold growth in your home can be hard to see and hide in dark places, making it easier to fester.

However, we want people to be able to spot common mold symptoms before they reach a point of serious problems. So if you or any of your loved ones finds themselves with these types of symptoms, take immediate action to check for mold. That’s what why created a list of mold symptoms to watch out for.

Here are some common mold symptoms

  1. Headaches
  2. Fatigue
  3. Muscle soreness
  4. Stiffness/joint pain
  5. Difficulty remembering things
  6. Tingling sensation in skin or numbness
  7. Sensitivity towards bright light
  8. Pain in abdominal region
  9. Diarrhea or urinary frequency
  10. Night sweats
  11. Vertigo
  12. Inability to remember words or lack of concentration
  13. Blurred vision, red eyes
  14. Mood swings


If you find yourself with any of these symptoms, don’t hesitate to seek out a mold inspection. Even if you feel like it’s a bit excessive, it’s better to be safe than sorry. At Mold Inspection Illinois, we want to keep you safe and prevent any harm to your home, so we hope this list of common mold symptoms helps!

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