Des Plaines Residents: Learn How to Assess the Flood Risk of Your Property

Des Plaines Residents: Learn How to Assess the Flood Risk of Your Property

  • Posted: Dec 15, 2015
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Floods can be incredibly dangerous, and if they’re not properly dealt with, mold can begin to colonize the area in 24-48 hours. Whether you’re buying a new property or just want to assess the flood risk of a property you already own, we’ve got you covered.

A city website has a link to easily request a floodplain map of your area online. Follow this link and click the link titled “Request for Floodplain Map.” Then, enter your information to receive a response in 24-48 hours.

If you find that your home is at a higher risk of flooding, then it is necessary that you take some precautions, such as moving electronics and important documents to higher floors, as well as having an evacuation plan in case of severe flooding.

Remember, mold and flooding go hand in hand, and if you have a really bad flood, you’re likely to have a mold problem. Get your flood taken care of first. For flood restoration, our recommended company is ProCare Restoration. We’ve heard many good things about them, and they’ve proven to be reliable, time and time again.

After the flood is contained, call us for a free mold inspection. We’ll assess whether any mold has colonized your home as a result of the flooding. We will then refer you to a valuable mold remediation company that will best fit your needs. But don’t wait. Be sure to call us after any major water damage problem.

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