Flood Season Leads to Mold Season

Flood Season Leads to Mold Season

  • Posted: Jan 21, 2016
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Winter in Illinois isn’t usually synonymous with flooding, but it’s been an unseasonably rainy winter here and many of you have experienced extreme flooding as well. Unfortunately, where there’s water damage, there’s mold, so you can almost certainly expect mold infestations to follow.

Mold thrives on any type of moisture, so water damage (particularly as a result of flooding) leads to a mold playground. That’s why it’s so important to have your excess water removed immediately after flooding and to start disinfecting right after that.

For more information on this, read our blog post about what to do within 24 hours of flooding. Unfortunately though, we can’t always be quick enough to halt the onslaught of mold, so it’s important to be informed about mold facts.

First of all, if your home is susceptible to flooding, for instance if you live near a lake or river, you’ll need to take preventative measures to protect your home.

Keep Storm Drains Clean

Lots of things can fall into and around storm drains, clogging or obstructing them so that they can’t properly take in all the rainwater. This is a big factor in flooding, so make sure to always keep your storm drains clear of leaves and other debris.

Dispose of Yard Waste Properly

Excess leaves and other yard waste can make it harder for the soil on your property to absorb rainwater, thereby causing flooding that can seep into your home. So be sure to always properly dispose of this waste and never let it sit in your yard or gardens.

Adjust Downspouts

Gutters and downspouts are incredibly effective at protecting your home from water damage but only when installed properly. Always make sure that your downspout releases water at least 10 feet away from your home or building so that nothing can splash or collect close to the exterior wall.

Buy Sandbags

If your building is located in a high-risk area, it is imperative that you keep at least a few sandbags on hand at all times. Sandbags are excellent for collecting and preventing the flow of water during flooding.

Call a Professional

And last of all, if despite your best efforts your home experiences flooding, make sure to have the water removed immediately. Then schedule a professional mold inspection with Mold Inspection Illinois right away.

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