Flood Warning for Illinois River

Flood Warning for Illinois River

  • Posted: Dec 01, 2015
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A flood warning is in effect along the Illinois river this week. It has been in effect since late November 29th and will stay in effect until this Monday, December 7th. Affected counties include Brown, Cass, Morgan, and Schulyer, Fulton, and Mason counties.

Late Monday night, the river was flooded to 14.5 feet. Anything above 14 feet is considered a flood. By Thursday, the Illinois river is predicted to rise to 15.0 feet. Only minor flooding is expected. Areas that are likely to be affected are only agricultural areas that are not protected.

Stay safe. If you come across a flooded roadway, be sure to turn around and notify the proper officials. Don’t try to cross them, as flood waters are often flowing much quicker than they appear, and an attempt to cross can be incredibly dangerous.

If flooding affects infrastructure, be sure to dry out the area quickly. Mold can begin to form as little as 48 hours after the flooding has occurred.

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