Foolproof Tips to Prevent Kitchen Mold

Foolproof Tips to Prevent Kitchen Mold

  • Posted: Jun 17, 2016
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Mold can grow nearly anywhere, however, we’ve found that kitchen mold is incredibly common. And we aren’t just talking about the mold that grows on forgotten food tucked in the back of your refrigerator. Mold only needs some moisture and warmth to survive, and kitchens provide it with both of these things. With that in mind, here are our foolproof tips to prevent kitchen mold.

Dry Everything

Spills are inevitable in kitchens. But even though you can’t prevent them, you can prevent them from harboring mold growth. Dry up spills and wet spots quickly to avoid giving mold a chance to grow there. This includes inside your fridge. Sometimes tupperware leaks and packages break open. Make sure everything is dry so that mold doesn’t have any moisture to feed on.

Use Fans

Use a fan over your stove when you cook and turn on your kitchen’s ceiling fan or use a window fan whenever possible. This will serve to improve airflow and ventilation so that mold spores don’t get a chance to settle somewhere and grow. It will also help keep things dry in the kitchen.

Clean Immediately

As soon as you spill or drop something, clean it up. Time is everything when it comes to kitchen mold. The second you see a piece of fruit going bad, throw it out. Don’t waste any time. Mold doesn’t need much time to begin infesting your kitchen.

Check Drains

It’s also important that you check problem areas, like drains, for signs of mold. If your drains smell or clog easily, they could have mold growing in them. If they do, this means the spores can spread grow elsewhere in your kitchen.

Get a Mold Inspection

The best way to be certain about whether or not you have kitchen mold, though is to get a professional mold inspection or air quality test. Mold prevention helps, but you can never really be sure whether you have any mold to begin with unless you get an inspection.

Don’t let kitchen mold damage your home or your health. Follow these mold prevention tips to keep you and your family safe. And if you’re looking for an IICRC professional to inspect your home, make sure to book through Mold Inspection Illinois!

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