Whether you’re own a home already or you’re about to become one of many Illinois homeowners, there are some essential things you need to know. As an Illinois resident, you’re probably aware that we have a lot of weather fluctuations which can cause mold issues. Here’s what you need to know about it.


Your home is an investment, which is why it’s important for Illinois homeowners to know everything possible about owning and maintaining a home. Lots of factors contribute to mold growth, but the main ones are moisture and lack of ventilation. You should also be aware of the fact that mold is most commonly found in specific areas of the home, which brings us to our next point: prevention.


As a homeowner, you should be checking to make sure there’s no excess moisture in your bathrooms, basement, or attic. You should also be airing out your home frequently and turning on fans to promote airflow and increase ventilation. Another important factor of prevention is getting your home inspected and/or tested for mold. Getting a professional mold inspection can alert you to any invisible mold lurking in your. Or it can simply give you peace of mind that your investment is safe, if it does turn out you don’t have mold in the home.


Never, under any circumstances, attempt to remove mold yourself. Many Illinois homeowners make this mistake and end up causing permanent damage to their home. If you need a mold remediation, be sure to book it through Mold Inspection Illinois. This way you can be sure that the professionals who perform the mold removal are  IICRC certified and background checked. They have the tools and skills necessary to remove mold safely and effectively.

If you’re currently looking to book a mold inspection or mold remediation, schedule an appointment through Mold Inspection Illinois today. We’ll help you make your home safe and mold-free!