Got Mold Allergies? It Might Be Because of Your Christmas Tree

Got Mold Allergies? It Might Be Because of Your Christmas Tree

  • Posted: Dec 21, 2015
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Happy Holidays from your friends at Mold Inspection Illinois! Whether you’ve been setting up your Christmas tree, lighting the menorah, or just enjoying some family time, we hope your holiday season is full of happiness and relaxation.

If you’ve chosen to celebrate Christmas this holiday season, there’s a chance you may have noticed some strange symptoms if you’ve set up your tree. Maybe you’ve had some coughing, itching, sneezing, runny nose, or runny eyes. If you’re wondering what the cause of your ailment could be, then you’re not alone. In fact, many people experience these symptoms around the holiday season.

Recent studies have shown that this may actually be due to mold that has colonized Christmas trees. Many people have allergies from mold that range from mild to severe, and these allergies can be brought out by bringing a Christmas tree into your home.

You see, most of the time, mold isn’t visible — we usually don’t even know it’s there. The same can be said for the mold that has colonized Christmas trees. Unless the colony is extremely large, we won’t even be able to see it. Furthermore, mold is everywhere. If you’re bringing in a live Christmas tree from the outdoors, there’s a really good chance that it is colonized with mold.

Christmas trees range in the depth of their mold colonization, but even having just a few spores above average levels can set off mold-related allergic responses in yourself or in your family.

In one family’s house, a recent study has shown that bringing in a Christmas tree caused mold spore levels in the air to rise by 500%. This poses a serious risk of allergic responses in those who are sensitive to mold. Thus, the same study recommended that families with members who are sensitive to mold should only have a Christmas tree in their house for 4-7 days.

As far as the risk for long-term damage goes, however, your family and your home are probably safe. This mold problem will likely go away as soon as you get rid of your Christmas tree. Unless your home has water damage or a humidity problem, you’ll be just fine.

However, if your home does have a moisture problem, you might want to call us following the holiday season to make sure that mold from your tree — or just mold from the outdoors, for that matter — hasn’t colonized in your home. When mold takes root in your home, that’s when it can become dangerous.

But for now, breathe easy and relax. It’s the holiday season. Spend time with your loved ones and allow yourself to be happy. If you’re worried about mold afterwards, we’ll give you a free mold inspection to make sure that dangerous mold hasn’t colonized your home. We’ve got you. Happy Holidays.

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