Historic Flooding Sweeps the Midwest, Killing 22 People

Historic Flooding Sweeps the Midwest, Killing 22 People

  • Posted: Dec 31, 2015
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Winter Storm Goliath has caused historic flooding all over the midwest, steadily destroying homes and business and even causing deaths. The National Guard has been called to aid in this emergency, but so far 22 people have already died.

In Illinois, Governor Bruce Rauner announced a disaster watch for seven Illinois counties on Tuesday night. A number of Illinois rivers experienced flooding and many people were forced to evacuate their homes and take shelter in churches and other public facilities.

At least seven of those who died in this disaster were Illinois residents. Among them was a family that drowned in their vehicle as it was swept away by the flood.

All Illinois residents should be on the alert for storm and flood damage and pay attention to any alerts issued you by local government. In particular, we at Mold Inspection Illinois recommend being aware of the signs of mold as well as familiarizing yourself with the mold remediation process.

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