How an Air Purifier Can Help Prevent Mold

How an Air Purifier Can Help Prevent Mold

  • Posted: Apr 01, 2016
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Using an air purifier is an often overlooked mold prevention tip that actually works. It almost seems to simple and easy to be a mold prevention tactic, but it’s really quite effective. There are number of reasons for this, but we’ll break it down for you so you understand exactly how an air purifier can help prevent mold.

First of all, it should be noted that the most effective type of air purifier for mold prevention has a high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter as well as an activated carbon pre-filter. HEPA filters capture even the most minuscule particles, making them much more effective than other filters.

It’s really the ideal choice for capturing mold spores. Plus if you add a carbon activated pre-filter feature, you have something that will both remove the mold odor and destroy mycotoxins that cause mold.

This is especially important after you’ve had your mold professionally remediated. Air purifiers can remove any lingering mold spores that may have drifted into the air after remediation. Though their presence after a remediation is unlikely, even a few spores can trigger mold allergies so an air purifier is a great way to combat that.

Having an air purifier can also prevent mold growth for a couple of reasons. Mainly it’s because it can remove spores and other toxic particles from the air that would otherwise trigger mold growth.

However, if you do find mold in your home, don’t make the mistake of thinking an air purifier will help you. Mold should always be professionally remediated with industry certified chemicals by specially trained professionals. Otherwise you’ll only worsen the problem.

If you suspect you have mold in your home, schedule an inspection with Mold Inspection Illinois right away. The longer you wait, the more time you’re giving mold to grow in your home.

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