Humidity Mold Growth: What to Watch out For

Humidity Mold Growth: What to Watch out For

  • Posted: Jul 09, 2019
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Chicago summers are back, and with them comes humidity! We all know a leaky pipe can lead to mold, but have you considered humidity mold growth? Yes, mold can be related to humidity too.

How humidity is related to mold growth

Simply, humidity means the air has extra moisture in it. In the summer, when the air is thick and humid, this air can get into your home. And with the air comes the moisture. If this moisture-heavy air settles in your attic, behind your siding, or in your basement, it can lead to humidity mold growth. The air collects and so does the water in the air, creating mold.

What causes humidity mold growth?

So how does the water separate from the air to become mold? When the hot, humid air connects with the cool air conditioning of your home, the water separates from the air. Just like condensation forming on a cold glass, the moisture in the air becomes water droplets. If these water droplets are sitting in a small area and collecting, they can lead to mold.

What can I do to prevent humidity mold growth?

One of the most important things you can do is keep the humidity level in your home stable. Your home’s humidity level should be between 30 – 50%. Anything outside of that range can lead to mold growing due to excess moisture. You’ll also want to make sure you have the outside of your house properly sealed. By preventing the ways for humidity and moisture to enter your house, you can prevent it from collecting inside. This means sealing the siding of your home and windows, or checking the attic and basement to make sure there aren’t any small holes leading to the outside.

What if I think I might have mold in my home?

The only way to truly know if you have mold and what kind of mold it is, is to have an inspection done. You can schedule your free mold inspection through us, and we’ll get you in touch with the best representative for the job. Mold inspection and removal is an important job, and we use only technicians certified with the high standards of the IICRC, so you can trust that the job will be done right. At Mold Inspection Illinois, we work hard to ensure that remediating mold in your home is a smooth and efficient process.

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