What Illinois Real Estate Agents Need to Know About Mold

What Illinois Real Estate Agents Need to Know About Mold

  • Posted: Jul 08, 2016
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Illinois real estate agents face a lot of difficulties when buying and selling homes, but one of the things many of them forget to take into account is mold. Mold isn’t only a nuisance to landlords, renters, and homeowners. If you’re buying and selling properties in Illinois, it’s essential to know certain facts about mold infestations, mold removal, and mold prevention. For those of you who don’t where to start, we put together this blog post just for you! Here’s what Illinois real estate agents need to know about mold.

The biggest mistake Illinois real estates can make is to not get a home inspected for mold before purchasing it. There’s really no way of knowing for sure whether or not a building has mold unless you get a professional mold inspection and air quality test. If you do this, you’ll get peace of mind that you’re making solid investment (or not). If it turns out the home does have mold, though, all is not lost!

The next thing Illinois real estate agents needs to know is that mold remediation is effective and affordable. Depending on the size of the mold infestation, a mold remediation may be the best option available to real estate agent. This is especially true if everything else about the property is perfect. Plus, it gives you some negotiating power to knock down the home’s selling price.

Additionally, it’s great to have verification that the home is mold-free once you’re trying to sell it. It gives you credibility and more negotiating power. Regardless, we urge Illinois real estate agents to insist on a mold inspection by an IICRC certified professional before they purchase a home.

Invisible mold can grow just about anywhere in the home, causing permanent, long-term damage and even making future residents sick. So give yourself and your future buyers peace of mind. Schedule a mold inspection through Mold Inspection Illinois today!

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