Illinois Residents Should Be Worried About Summer Mold

Illinois Residents Should Be Worried About Summer Mold

  • Posted: Jul 15, 2016
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At Mold Inspection Illinois, we’ve noticed that a lot of Illinois residents aren’t prepared to prevent or handle summer mold. A lot of them end up asking us what does black mold look like? What’s the difference when it comes to mold vs mildew? This is all because they aren’t properly prepared for summer’s unpredictable weather. Here’s why Illinois residents should be worried about summer mold.

First of all, summers here can get really rainy. Flash floods and thunderstorms fairly guarantee summer mold growth in Illinois. Between the unpredictable rainfall and high temperatures, mold thrives in Illinois during summertime. Illinois residents will soon find that there’s no need to ask us the mold vs mildew question because they already have mold growing in their homes.

One of the biggest mistakes that Illinois residents make in regards to summer mold is not being prepared for it. They don’t follow prevention techniques like turning on fans, using dehumidifiers, and opening doors or windows.

Worse still, they don’t think to look in mold’s favorite places to grow. Mold is found most often in the following locations, attics, crawlspaces, basements, bathrooms, pipes, drains, and any other place that is moist and dark.

So instead of trying to figure out what black mold looks like, schedule an inspection through Mold Inspection Illinois. Summer mold is already infesting thousands of Illinois homes, so make sure that yours isn’t one of them!

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