If you believe that mold is growing in your home or business, then it is important that you receive both a visual inspection and a test to determine the source of the mold. You should test for mold if:

  • Your home has developed a “musty” or “earthy” smell
  • Your home consistently has high levels of moisture
  • You have had problems with flooding, sump pump failure, or other water related issues in the past
  • You are considering purchasing a home that has not been approved or evaluated by a certified mold inspector
  • You are experiencing persistent cold or flu like symptoms with no known cause

Our MOLD INSPECTION ILLINOIS mold inspection technicians will walk you through the mold inspection process and help you determine if there is a mold problem in your home or business.


Beginning with a visual inspection is the first step in eradicating mold growth from your home or business. Our MOLD INSPECTION ILLINOIS mold technicians will search all areas of your home or business, including the attic, basement, and crawl spaces, in order to determine whether or not there is any visible mold that is present. They will also take note of any “earthy” or “musty” smells that may hint that there is mold growth present behind the walls. The MOLD INSPECTION ILLINOIS mold technician will specifically be focusing on areas with water intrusion, areas with excess moisture, or areas that have poor ventilation.


There are a variety of different tests that the MOLD INSPECTION ILLINOIS technician can do to determine if mold is growing in your home or business. If the visual inspection has failed to determine exactly where or if mold is growing, then it is likely that testing will be the only surefire way to get a reading on the mold levels. Mold testing will not only allow you to determine if mold is growing, but it also will be able to determine what type(s) of mold are present, and if they are toxic. Two well known and arguably common types of toxic molds are Stachybotrys (or toxic black mold) and Aspergillus. If you believe that the mold growing in your home or business resembles either of these molds, then it is crucial that you identify it as soon as possible.


Your MOLD INSPECTION ILLINOIS mold testing technician will perform a strip test if it is unclear whether or not an area is indeed growing mold, or if you would like the type of mold growing in your home identified. The technician will simply take a swab of the area in question, place it in an air-tight, contaminate preventative container, and send it to a laboratory for analysis. You will receive the results within a few days, along with a specialized remediation plan designed by the MOLD INSPECTION ILLINOIS technician. A strip test may also be used after the removal of mold to determine that an area has been thoroughly cleaned and remediated.


Air tests are arguably the most popular type of mold testing, predominately because they provide lengthy and definitive results concerning the mold levels in a home or business. When your MOLD INSPECTION ILLINOIS mold inspection technician arrives, they will take a sample of the air in any rooms that are suspected to have mold growth. These samples will not only collect a reading on the amount of mold spores in the air, but also of other particulates in the air that may be causing unpleasant smells or even sickness. The technician will then take a sample of the air outside the home or business for comparison. Both of these samples will be used to determine if mold is flourishing in an unseen area behind the walls, under the floor, or in the ceiling. The MOLD INSPECTION ILLINOIS mold removal technician will then send these air samples to a laboratory where they will be analyzed. After analysis you will receive full documentation of the readings of the air in your home or business, and the technician will take great care in explaining the testing in its entirety. Air tests may also be used after the removal of mold in order to verify that the mold spores in the air of your home or business are at a safe level and that the mold remediation was a success.