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Procare Restoration

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Procare Restoration

The thought of mold in your home can be terrifying. No matter the type, mold can be unsightly, if not dangerous. Although visual inspections are sufficient for some extensive mold problems, many times mold grows unchecked behind the walls of your home. You may experience mold-related symptoms similar to that of a cold or flu without ever knowing the cause.

At ProCare Restoration, we are mold remediation specialists. Our extensive mold removal experience allows us to assess the situation with ease and ensure the safety of homeowners, their family, and their pets. The remediation procedure can at times be difficult lengthy, however, we will take great care not to disrupt the flow of your home. Our commercial mold remediation techniques vary, depending on the damage to the property, although a post-treatment inspection will be performed in order to confirm the success of the remediation.

Mold can grow for a variety of reasons, but most mold growth is promoted by water damage. So, if you are experiencing a water leak, flood or even sewage backup there is a reason to worry about the possibility of mold growth in your home. Bathrooms, basements, attics and garages are all places that commonly see mold growth. If you smell a musty odor or notice small, black spots, you should call ProCare Restoration immediately at 1.844.338.4663.

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