Why Mold Always Grows Back When You Remove it Yourself

Why Mold Always Grows Back When You Remove it Yourself

  • Posted: Jun 02, 2016
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At Mold Inspection Illinois, a lot of Illinois residents call in complaining that they keep “removing” mold but it comes back every time. There’s a few things wrong with this, starting with these people believing that they’re removing the mold at all. So we decided to give a detailed breakdown of why mold always grows back when you remove it yourself, starting with the idea that anyone but a certified professional can successfully remove mold.

Here’s the thing that everyone seems to get confused about. Certified mold professionals exist for a reason. If you could do it yourself with ordinary cleaning products, professional mold remediation would simply not exist. Mold may seem like a patch of dirt or grime that you can just spray some bleach on and wipe away, but it’s much more insidious than that.

Mold is a living organism with roots that can spread rapidly throughout your home while emitting harmful mold spores into the air. Scrubbing away what you see on the surface won’t help the problem. In fact, it can make it worse, by allowing more spores to be released into the air.  Plus it doesn’t remove the roots, so they’re still able to spread and thrive, despite your “removal.”

Even specific mold removal products can’t fully remove mold. Mold resistant paint, special sprays, etc. are useless against the onslaught of mold growth. That’s why mold always grows back when you remove it yourself. So what’s a homeowner or landlord to do? Call a professional!

IICRC certified professionals have the expertise and tools necessary to effectively and safely remove mold. They use special chemicals and techniques to fully remediate the mold and make your home safe again.

If you think you might have mold in your home, apartment, or office, schedule an inspection or mold testing appointment through Mold Inspection Illinois today. We’re dedicated to keeping Illinois homes and families safe.

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