Mold Count Dangerously High This Season

Mold Count Dangerously High This Season

  • Posted: Jun 10, 2016
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We’ve always known that the mold count gets high this time of year, but according to a recent report, it’s been dangerously high during the past couple of weeks in Illinois. Mold has dangerous effects on your home and your health, so you should be especially wary in light of the high mold count right now.

According to the report, the mold count spiked at the end of the week of May 23rd and has continued on into this week. It was measured by Dr. Joseph Leija from Loyola’s Gottlieb Memorial Hospital in Melrose Park, Illinois. Leija stated that mold is pretty much always present during this season, it’s been higher lately.

Small amounts of mold are harmless, but when the mold count gets as high as it is now, it can be dangerous. So make sure to check your home for mold growth as soon as possible, and be aware the mold can be invisible, such as in the case of mold spores.

If you’re worried about potential invisible mold growing in your home or you know you have mold and are in need of an estimate for removal, schedule a mold inspection through Mold Inspection Illinois right away. We have Illinois landlords’ and homeowners’ best interest at heart when it comes to mold. That’s why we took the time to share this report with you.

So be careful out there, Illinois! And don’t hesitate to schedule a mold inspection or mold remediation through us during this season or year-round. Mold Inspection Illinois is always here to help!

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