Mold in Schools Endangers Children

Mold in Schools Endangers Children

  • Posted: Dec 14, 2015
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So your home is clean and mold-free. You took all the precautions necessary to keep it that way, so you take a sigh of relief, knowing that you and your family are safe. But are they?

Did you ever stop to wonder about the spore count in the building where your child spends most of his or her week–the local school?

Mold can grow anywhere, but it has a much better chance of doing so in places that have a high concentration of germs and foot traffic. Namely, schools. Let’s face it, children are germy and messy. They spill things and don’t clean them up. They touch everything, spreading germs. So it’s really no surprise that mold is a common problem in schools.

Many school officials are at a loss when it comes to mold remediation in schools. They don’t know the protocol or when or why to call in experts. Luckily, there are resources that school officials can seek out, but not many do.

There is a protocol in place by the Environmental Protection Agency in regards to mold remediation in schools that you would hope school officials follow. In fact, schools have been forced to close because of mold infestation.

So if you’re worried about your child’s health and if he or she is exhibiting symptoms like coughing and wheezing that worsen when they’re at school, you can be pretty sure that there is mold in their school.

And if you really think about it, it’s obvious why and where mold can grow in schools. Mold can hide in the bathrooms, the gym showers, the walls, the pipes, the air ducts.

That’s why it’s imperative that you prioritize your child’s health and address school officials right away if you think there is mold growing in the school. That way you can be sure that your child is safe both at home and at school.

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