Mold Infestation Found in Ann Arbor Building

Mold Infestation Found in Ann Arbor Building

  • Posted: Oct 05, 2015
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On October 5, 2015, hours from Chicago, Illinois in the city of Ann Arbor, Michigan, a building in downtown Ann Arbor has been found decaying and infested with mold. The mold infestation found in the Ann Arbor building remained untouched until city administrators decided to take action against the owner, Louis Feigelson.

Feigelson presented to the Ann Arbor Building Board of Appeals that he proposed to put the building on the market on Sept. 24. But officials say that no matter what ownership, the only option for this building — on 111 S. Main St. — is to demolish or begin extensive renovations from within.

Settled in a vivacious commercial district, this building was found with mold infestation, structural damage, a 20-foot tree growing through the roof, damage to joists, water-saturated flooring and damage to the subflooring reported by the city’s acting official, Craig Strong.

Strong accounts that “once the fire department entered the space, they discovered the building is in serious disrepair and there’s just an unbelievable amount of mold due to a tree growing in the roof of the building, so that roof has been leaking for years.”

Fiegelson says he still plans to sell the property but is only given 30 days to sell the property told by officials. The building is on the market with the value of $858,000, with a market value of more than $1.7 million. Aside from the value, in 2015 the taxes will cost approximately $28,000.

There has been no comment from Feigelson.