Mold Resistant Paint: A Marketing Lie

Mold Resistant Paint: A Marketing Lie

  • Posted: Jan 18, 2016
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At Mold Inspection Illinois, we hear a lot of stories from distressed Illinois residents with mold problems. One of the most common things we hear is people expressing surprise that their mold resistant paint didn’t do them any good. We’re here to tell you why it doesn’t work, and what to do instead!

Mold resistant paint was invented to prey on people’s fears about mold, while taking advantage of the fact that we all wish mold had a quick fix. According to its manufacturers, mold resistant paint is supposed to be able to both treat and prevent mold, making it sound like a dream come true for homeowners.

However, all they do to make this paint “mold resistant” is pump it full of antibacterial properties and call it a day. But as you may of discovered by now, mold isn’t bacteria. It’s a fungus, which means it is both strong and versatile, able to grow almost anywhere.

That’s why so many homeowners contact us frantically recounting how mold started appearing on the surface of their walls, even after they used mold-resistant paint.

The worst part about this is that using this paint can arguably worsen your mold infestation, not to mention affect your health.

Painting over mold or painting to prevent mold has one key danger: it puts your guard down. After you slap up that coat of paint, you feel invincible, far out of mold’s grasp. But you couldn’t be more wrong.

While you’re busy living your life, you’re missing the signs of mold growing beneath that new paint until it eventually surfaces, forcing you to face the facts. Your lack of awareness has allowed the mold to grow unchecked and now you have a much bigger problem than you might have had otherwise.

Furthermore, you’ve been unwittingly exposed to mold and mold spores during this process and may have even contracted fungal sinusitis or some other mold illness. Unfortunately, it can even make your pets sick.

So what’s an Illinois homeowner to do? We recommend not wasting your money, so just use regular good old-fashioned paint.

In regards to treating and preventing mold, visit our Dos and Don’ts of Mold Removal page. And for a professional mold inspection or remediation, contact us at Mold Inspection Illinois today!