Why water damage causes mold

Mold is a notorious moisture-loving fungus that can grow in even a mildly damp space. So when water damage affects your home or building, it gives mold an opportunity to thrive and grow at a much more rapid rate. In addition, a more dangerous form of mold called black mold grows especially well in wet environments. This can damage not only your home, but your health as well.


How leaks and other issues cause mold

Leaks may seem minor at first. Fixing a dripping faucet or a damp spot on the ceiling from a leaky roof are things homeowners often procrastinate. This is a huge mistake, since mold doesn’t need a lot of water to grow and even a small amount can cause a serious mold infestation. In addition, the humidity caused by baths and showers is a huge factor in mold growth, making bathrooms one of the most common spots for mold growth.


Preventing leaks means preventing mold

Doing things like using a fan in bathrooms and fixing leaks are easy ways to keep your family and your home safe from mold. In that same vein, leaks are fixable and mold can be removed, but the ideal situation involves stopping leaks and excessive moisture from ever happening. Check your roof frequently, as well as your basement and pipes. Doing this on a regular basis will help you catch leaks before they become a problem and save you from any mold issues.


How to prevent flood damage

For Illinois homeowners, it can be particularly difficult to prevent flood damage, especially for those of you who live in high risk areas such as along the Des Plaines River. However, you can take precautions to limit water damage, thereby preventing mold growth. Homeowners can do things like keeping sandbags on hand to sop up any water, keeping storm drains clear, removing yard waste properly, and adjusting downspouts to deposit water at least ten feet away from your home’s exterior.


What to do when you find water damage

If, despite your best efforts, your home does experience flooding or some other type of water damage, mold can grow in a matter of hours, so it’s important to act fast. If there’s flooding, turn off your electricity and call a professional right away. The water needs to be removed as soon as possible. In the case of leaky pipes, turn off the water source and work quickly to fix the problem. When it comes to roofs, again, call a professional right away. Procrastination is arguably one of the number one causes of mold growth!