More Uproar Over Moldy Food

More Uproar Over Moldy Food

  • Posted: Oct 26, 2015
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The discovery of mold in preservative-free foods is not uncommon. Preservatives extend the shelf life of a product, making it possible for any given product to be produced far before the intended date of consumption. As controversy surrounding the health effects of preservatives builds, many parents are turning to preservative-free foods. But, as one mom in Illinois discovered, this also comes with an added risk: moldy food.

When Nicole Kindhart discovered mold in her daughter’s good2grow, a non-preservative fruit drink, she was outraged. She stated that she “opened the juice and looked in there […] stuck my finger in there and pulled it out and there was gooey stuff all over.” She hurriedly shared this discovery on her Facebook wall, hoping to prevent other parents from giving their children moldy or spoiled juice.

Kindhart also believes that her daughter’s sicknesses in the past are related to her consumption of good2grow, however there is little evidence to suggest that a “high fever 104-105 for a week straight, excruciating stomach pains, diarrhea and vomiting” is related to the consumption of molded juice. In fact, most mold that grows on food is of little danger to humans.

Other customers are speaking out, posting on good2grow’s Facebook page with similar comments to that of Kindhart. Good2grow, however, makes no excuses for the discovery of mold in their product; with preservative-free foods comes the possibility that the food may spoil. Good2grow posted a statement on Facebook stating:

“We’ve noticed quite a bit of conversation here about mold over the last few days. We’d like to start by saying that we absolutely stand behind the quality and safety of our products – the number of substantiated complaints we receive each month is extremely low. That said, we are aware that there are legitimate cases of mold being found in good2grow products from time to time. Since we choose not to use preservatives in our drinks, it is possible for mold to grow in our package if the seal is damaged prior to consumption. The only way to virtually eliminate the risk of mold would be by adding preservatives to the millions of bottles kids consume every year – and we strongly believe that would be the wrong thing to do for our children. For peace of mind, we encourage Moms to always double-check before serving any preservative-free natural products. We are eager to help any consumers who believe they’ve discovered a problem with one of our products — we’ll just ask for a few simple pieces of information to help us investigate any of those.”