Prevent Mold on Rugs & Carpets

Prevent Mold on Rugs & Carpets

  • Posted: Dec 10, 2015
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As you may already know, mold infestation is a serious issue, which is why it’s important to take preventative measures to stop mold from invading your home. One of mold’s favorite places to grow is in your home’s rugs and carpeting. Let’s talk prevention. 

Select Placement

If you’re considering installing carpeting in your home, placement is crucial. Do not install carpet or put rugs in areas that tend to be more moist, like basements or bathrooms. The combination of the moisture as well as the varying temperatures coupled with the carpet fibers make spots like this a favorite place for mold. If you absolutely can’t live without a rug or carpet in these areas, make sure to use a non-absorbent rubber lining beneath the carpet or rug, preferably with anti-bacterial properties.

Manage Humidity

Mold has a difficult time growing in levels below 60% humidity, so managing the humidity in your home is key to preventing mold growth on your rugs and carpet. Dehumidifiers can be very helpful in reducing humidity in any part of the home, regardless of whether or not there are rugs or carpeting present. Opening windows on a regular basis to air out the room or using fans to keep the air moving are also effective ways to restricting humidity.

Clean Properly

Dry cleaning is the best method for cleaning your rugs and carpets because it kills bacteria and dries the fibers, preventing mold growth. However, if there is already moisture present in your carpeting, you can sprinkle baking soda on the area to absorb the moisture and then vacuum it up. Vinegar is another effective treatment for killing mold and is non-toxic, making it safe in homes with pets or children.

Regardless of where your carpet is located in the home or whether or not you have any rugs or carpet at all, it’s important to be aware of moisture in your home and any trouble areas that harbor mold. Be safe, be wary, and clean thoroughly! Mold is preventable.

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