If you’re buying or selling a home or building, you need to take mold into account. Whether it’s a full-on mold infestation or invisible mold behind walls, mold can seriously decrease the value of a home and cause a lot of complications. Here’s what real estate agents need to know.

Mold Inspections

We highly recommend that real estate agents have their properties inspected or tested for mold before they agree to purchase or sell them. This will save you lots of time and money. If it turns out the building you wish to purchase does have mold, you can either take back your offer, or demand a lower price. Either way, you’re much better off than if you’d blindly bought a mold infested building.

Mold Remediations

Whether you have the prior owner take of the remediation or you’re responsible for it yourself, always hire IICRC certified, background checked professionals to remove the mold. This way you can ensure it’s done right and your investment is secure. Don’t let the previous owner attempt to remove the mold themselves rather than hire a professional. This will make the problem worse. If they do this despite your intervention, we’d advise you not to purchase the building.

For questions on how to schedule a mold inspection or mold remediation, contact Mold inspection Illinois today. Real estate agents are in good hands with us!