Renters in Yorkville Getting Sick from Mold

Renters in Yorkville Getting Sick from Mold

  • Posted: May 27, 2016
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Mold weather is in full swing in Illinois, as evidenced by the growing mold concerns at an apartment complex in Yorkville. Residents in many of the complex’s units have complained of mold growth due to building code violations on the part of the landlord.

The issue was addressed at a city council meeting this week, which a few of the residents and the landlord attended, though the landlord refused to comment on the issue. Inspectors who were called to investigate the situation, however, insisted that there was a significant mold problem throughout the building, not just in certain units. This suggests that it is, in fact, a code violation, rather than being the fault of individual renters.

Inspectors said that they discovered a couple of issues. First of all, they noticed that there was at least a little mold in every unit they inspected, even if it wasn’t always a full on infestation. Secondly, they noticed that the bathroom vents release moisture into the walls rather than the outside air. This is a common issue in old buildings and almost always leads to mold growth behind walls and ceilings.

Regardless of these details though, several of the residents have contracted mold illness from these infestations, and they’re trying to hold the landlord accountable. It’s not clear yet if they’ll attain their goal, though.

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