The 2014 Closing of Hinsdale Middle School has School Officials on Alert Statewide

The 2014 Closing of Hinsdale Middle School has School Officials on Alert Statewide

  • Posted: Dec 03, 2015
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In January of 2014, a scary incident fell upon the students of Hinsdale Middle School. A fairly serious mold infestation was detected throughout the school, and students missed three full days of class as well as nearly two weeks of half days made up at another school while officials did a deep cleaning of the school.

The school itself is not particularly old — it was built in 1976. The total remediation and cleaning cost the school a whopping $384,000. Officials were particularly worried about getting the ducts regularly cleaned at the school to prevent the mold problem from happening again. It was likely a mixture of water damage due to a burst pipe and an air circulation problem that caused the mold infestation in the first place.

Because the pipe burst in a cold snap in the middle of winter, school officials likely did not feel it was initially necessary to check for mold. However, mold can flourish in the winter as well. It actually loves to colonize warm buildings, and Hinsdale Middle School was certainly a victim of this colonization.

There was some suspicion of a mold problem even before the official tests were done. One parent reported her daughter coming home from school with runny eyes and a runny nose every day, while remaining perfectly fine on the weekends. In addition, a teacher at the school came back from winter break and experienced some more serious symptoms, such as dizziness and laryngitis.

In January of 2014, Hinsdale Middle School unknowingly compromised the safety of its students and staff. While school officials did the right thing by getting students out immediately and dealing with the problem in its entirety, many parents are saying that they believe there is no excuse for such behavior.

However, as a result of this incident, there were no long-term injuries. If anything, this close call with Hinsdale middle school is serving as something of a wakeup call for schools statewide, and for individual houses and families as well.

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