The Biggest Mold Removal Mistakes Homeowners Made in 2015

The Biggest Mold Removal Mistakes Homeowners Made in 2015

  • Posted: Dec 28, 2015
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Here at Mold Inspection Illinois, we get a lot of calls from frantic homeowners who don’t know what to do about their mold. Many of them have worsened issues because of the steps they did or didn’t take upon finding mold in their home, and we want to make sure that homeowners are more savvy and well-informed about mold and mold remediation in the coming year. So here is our list of the biggest mold removal mistakes homeowners made this year and how to avoid them.


Not Knowing Signs of Mold


Unfortunately, many homeowners, particularly new homeowners, are unfamiliar with the signs of mold and wouldn’t know what to look for other than obvious dark mold spots in parts of the home. Because they are unfamiliar with how mold smells and how it can hide behind walls and in air ducts, they lose the chance to remediate the problem before it causes a lot of damage. So this year, familiarize yourself with the signs of mold growth in your home so that you can nip it in the bud.


Buying a Home Before Having it Inspected


On a related note, not knowing the signs of mold and not thinking of mold as a significant factor in buying a new home has led many homeowners to make uneducated purchases in 2015. This isn’t to say that buying a home with a mold issue is necessarily a dealbreaker, but it’s imperative to have it inspected so that you can assess if there’s any permanent damage and to request that the original owner bears the remediation costs.


Not taking Preventative Measures


In 2015, many homeowners thought that a dehumidifying fan in the bathroom was enough to stop mold from growing, but mold is tough at can grow almost anywhere with a little moisture. It is especially important to look out for mold in basements, attics, and crawlspaces, not to mention in drywall and carpeting. Homeowners should air out their homes frequently as well as use fans and dehumidifiers in more moist parts of the home.


Ignoring the Problem


A lot of homeowners didn’t see their mold as a big deal. They saw a little in the bathroom or smelled something off and didn’t think much of it. This is extremely dangerous because it allows the mold to continue to grow and damage the home. The mold exposure can even cause illness and allergies.


Trying to Remove it Themselves


Furthermore, many homeowners thought they could handle the problem themselves and used counterproductive cleaning products like bleach or “mold resistant” paint to try to ride their home of mold. These homeowners effectively made their problem worse and gave the mold a better opportunity to grow.


Calling a Non-IICRC Certified Mold Removal Specialist


Mold Inspection Illinois only refers people to IICRC certified mold remediation companies. That’s because IICRC certified specialists are the only ones who really know all the ins and outs of mold removal and can take care of the issue the most effectively.

So don’t make the same mistakes homeowners made in 2015. Let 2016 be the year that you beat mold growth in your home!

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