The House of 1000 Mold Spores

The House of 1000 Mold Spores

  • Posted: Dec 07, 2015
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Meet the Sporensons. They’re a normal family — as normal as any family can be. Sure, their eldest daughter fences and their toddler professes that he’d love to one day play in sewers for a living, but every family has its quirks. The Sporensons are (mostly) a typical family in that Mr. and Mrs. Sporenson strive only to provide a happy, loving, and safe environment for their children to grow up in.

But this week on “The Moldy Mystery” we’ll look into just how hard it can be for a typical family to provide such a safe haven for their children.

Two weeks ago today, Mr. and Mrs. Sporenson noticed that their eyes were starting to get a little runny and that they had a bit of a cough. No big deal, right? It’s probably nothing more than a common cold.

However, this “common cold” didn’t go away. In fact, the symptoms of Mr. and Mrs. Sporenson only got worse. What’s even more strange is that none of the children of the Sporensons were experiencing any symptoms.

After a week of experiencing symptoms, Mr. and Mrs. Sporenson went to the doctor to try to get some help.

They professed the following symptoms:

    • Extreme fatigue
    • Wheezing
    • Joint pain
    • Vertigo
    • Coughing
    • Runny nose
    • Runny eyes


Can you guess what the doctor told Mr. and Mrs. Sporenson? Can you solve the

mystery of their ailments? 

If you’ve been keeping up with our blog posts, you’ll know right away that Mr. and Mrs. Sporenson have likely been exposed to some type of toxic mold.

However, Dr. Brown just professed, “it’s likely nothing more than a common cold. Come back in a week if your symptoms persist and we’ll perform some more elaborate testing.”

You see, Dr. Brown was the new kid on the block at the hospital in town. Dr. Brown was a good guy, and genuinely thought he was doing right by this family. Dr. Brown, however, had never dealt with toxic mold exposure before, and didn’t recognize the symptoms because they’re fairly uncommon.

So our poor Mr. and Mrs. Sporenson are sent home.

When the eldest daughter of the Sporenson household began to fall ill mere days after the family’s doctor visit, Mr. and Mrs. Sporenson decided to take matters into their own hands.

Just a small amount of online research brought Mrs. Sporenson to the most reliable mold information site on the internet: Mold Inspection Illinois. After reading a few pages on the website, she realized that there was a chance that her family was being exposed to toxic black mold.

After looking up how to identify mold, Mr. and Mrs. Sporenson searched their home as thoroughly as possible, and could find no visible mold. Frustrated, Mrs. Sporenson got back on the internet.

After deeming a brain tumor in three members of her family unlikely, Mrs. Sporenson was lead back to the helpful information on With a start, she realized that not all household mold is visible.

Immediately, she called Mold Inspection Illinois for a free mold inspection. They were at the Sporenson household within the hour. After conducting an air test, the Sporensons found that dangerous mold had infiltrated the bedroom of Mr. and Mrs. Sporenson, and was spreading quickly to their eldest daughter’s room.

Following the air test, Mrs. Sporenson was back on the internet. “Who can remove mold?” she googled. She soon found that the only surefire way to remove the mold from her home was to call a remediation company — and she did exactly that. After an incredibly fast mold removal, the home of the Sporensons was brought back to normal. The symptoms of Mr. and Mrs. Sporenson and their daughter went away immediately following the remediation.

So, there you have it. The mystery was solved. Had the family not found the toxic mold when they did, their lives would have been at risk.

While this story was just a silly illustration of the effects and symptoms of mold exposure, toxic mold is not something to be taken lightly. If your family is experiencing symptoms or you can see visible mold in your home, please make sure you get a mold test as soon as possible. Don’t risk your safety. Don’t risk theirs. Call us.

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