Top 10 Flood and Mold Restoration Companies in Arlington Heights, IL

1. ProCare Restoration – 1.844.338.4663
ProCare Restoration offers 24/7 emergency service and makes it their goal to be there immediately after damage occurs. ProCare Restoration will will also sanitize and treat affected fabrics and furniture.

2. Silver Linings Restoration – 866.300.3841
Silver Linings Restoration wants to stop temporary damage in its tracks – before it becomes long-term. They offer water removal, sanitizing and mold removal, and restoration and rebuild services to make sure your home stays in tip-top shape long after they’re gone. 866.300.3841

3. SMART Restoration Services
SMART Restoration Services promises an extremely quick and effective cleanup and restoration. SMART Restoration Services can successfully restore both commercial and residential facilities.

4. ServiceMaster DAK:
This water damage restoration and mold removal company is open 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. With reliable IICRC certified water technicians, ServiceMaster DAK is there when you need them.

5. Flood Cleanup 123:
Flood Cleanup 123 will be with you from start to finish. Beginning with a simple inspection and ending with a clean, mold-free home, Flood Cleanup 123’s experienced technicians will not disappoint.

6. Flood Drying Service:
Flood Drying Service will arrive within an hour of calling. The service eliminates all moisture, as well as disinfecting if necessary and utilizing a mold prevention enzyme.

7. ProTech Water Damage:
Specializing in flood restoration and sewer damage restoration, ProTech Water Damage offers a 24/7 response and promises to get the problem resolved in a few days, or in some cases a few hours.

8. ServDry, Inc.:
Operating 24 hours per day, ServDry specializes in water damage restoration, flood cleanup, basement drying, mold prevention, and carpet cleaning.

9. J.C. Restoration, Inc.:
This company prides themselves on their basis in research and practical experience to handle your flood problem quickly and efficiently. They also strive to educate customers to prevent future damage.

10. PuroClean
Available 24/7, PuroClean prides themselves on competitive pricing and their innovative PuroClean QuickDry System to quickly and safely eliminate floods and beat mold.