1. ProCare Restoration1.844.338.4663

ProCare Restoration is an option for mold companies in Deerfield, Illinois that is extremely environmentally conscious. All of the products that the IICRC certified mold removal technicians use are OSHA compliant and EPA registered.

2. AT Restoration847.558.6653

AT Restoration is a great company if you’re looking for a quality mold removal service in Deerfield, Illinois that is extremely cheap. This company has a price match guarantee to ensure that, with AT Restoration, you’re getting the best price possible for your Deerfield mold remediation.

3. Silver Linings Restoration866.300.3841

Silver Linings Restoration is a great Deerfield mold removal company that is available 24/7 for any mold emergencies, and all their services are at an extremely competitive price. Oh, did we mention all of their products are EPA registered and OSHA compliant?

4. National Catastrophe Solutions331.425.6653

The Deerfield mold removal technicians at National Catastrophe Solutions also offer 24/7 service and have state-of-the-art moisture testing services to determine exactly where your mold problem is coming from. They’re a great choice in a Deerfield, Illinois remediation company.

5. MAT Consulting224.302.6653

MAT Consulting is a great remediation company in Deerfield that has been around for quite awhile. Their experienced technicians know exactly how to handle even the toughest mold infection problems.

6. Revive Restoration855.631.1531

Revive Restoration offers innovative air filtering services as an essential component of their mold removal in Deerfield. This component will ensure that all of the spores are removed from the air in your home, so you can breathe easy.

7. Tanin

Tanin Water Damage Mold have been in the mold business for over 25 years, and thus, their technicians are extremely experienced and are IICRC certified. They also have innovative testing devices to find out where your mold problem started.

8. DuraClean

The employees at DuraClean know what they’re doing when it comes to mold remediation. The company prides itself on four pillars of excellence: reputation, experience, quality, and professionalism. These components have turned DuraClean into a truly amazing company for Deerfield mold remediation.

9. BELFOR Property Restoration

BELFOR Property Restoration has a lot of experience in the mold business, and also has a ton of positive reviews online that are a positive testimony to this Deerfield mold remediation company. BELFOR Property Restoration is also available 24/7 — whenever you need them.

10. J.C. Restoration

The professionals at J.C. Restoration are incredibly skilled at what they do. Customers love their efficient services and friendly demeanor.