Top 10 Mold Remediation Companies in Lake Bluff, IL

1. ProCare Restoration – 1.844.338.4663

ProCare Restoration is one of our favorite mold remediation companies in the Chicago area. Known for low prices and an elaborate remediation process, ProCare Restoration will eradicate any signs of mold in your home or business. This company also offers fire and water damage repair as well as foundation repair.

2. AT Restoration – 847.558.6653

AT Restoration will provide competitive pricing and amazing speed on both its free mold testing and mold remediation processes. This company strives to both remediate your mold problem and educate your family to prevent future mold colonization.

3. Silver Linings Restoration – 866.300.3841

When you use Silver Linings Restoration, you know your home or business will be mold-free in no time. This knowledgeable company has a comprehensive plan of action for mold remediation and their certified technicians are certainly the icing on the cake.

4. PuroClean

This solid remediation company boasts of it’s “on-site” time of only 60 minutes, and are available 24/7. PuroClean restores both homes and businesses and also specializes in mold odor removal with their sophisticated technology.

5. ServiceMaster-Restore

Available 24 hours per day and 7 days per week, ServiceMaster-Restore is available whenever they are needed. Their certified technicians will get your life back on track in the event of mold colonization in your residential or commercial property.

6. AirQuality Analysts

Providing a variety of restoration services in the event of a disaster, Air Quality Analysts will clean up and remediate any home or commercial building. They are particularly skilled in mold remediation and will have your home looking ship-shape in no time.

7. Greenway Environmental and Restoration

Working with both commercial and residential properties, this skilled mold remediation company will obliterate any and all signs of mold. Their skilled and certified technicians will be with you every step of the way.

8. SMART Restoration Services

If your mold problem is particularly far-reaching, SMART Restoration Services will use smart technologies to seal off the infected areas while they are being treated in order to prevent the rest of your home or business from infection.

9. Tanin

Tanin is a great choice for mold remediation in Lake Bluff. The company first offers a price quoting and mold inspection, and then will completely remove the mold from your home or business. Their website outlines their amazingly detailed remediation process.

10. Phase 2

While Phase 2 can certainly take care of the mold problem in your home or business, they can also take care of any flood problems that may have caused the mold. This company will also repair any damaged structures as a result of mold.