1. National Catastrophe Solutions – 331.425.6653

The indoor air quality specialists at National Catastrophe Solutions have more experience than almost anyone else in the business. If you need mold remediation or just an inspection in Lake Forest, National Catastrophe Solutions will leave you feeling better than you ever have.

2. Silver Linings Restoration866.300.3841

Whether you’re looking for a free mold inspection or mold removal in Lake Forest, Silver Linings Restoration will effortlessly take care of any mold-related problem. With their IICRC certified technicians, your home is in good hands.

3. ProCare Restoration – 1.844.338.4663

You’d be hard pressed to find a better Lake Forest mold removal company than ProCare Restoration. They offer 24/7 emergency services at an unbeatable price, and each and every one of their skilled technicians are IICRC certified.

4. MAT Consulting224.302.6653

MAT Consulting prides itself in its unbeatable prices. Online, this company has 5-star reviews on nearly every review website. All of its products are also EPA registered and OSHA compliant.

5. Revive Restoration – 855.631.1531

Revive Restoration truly does do it all. From an initial inspection to purging off the last mold spore, you can put your confidence in this Lake Forest mold removal and testing company.

6. AT Restoration847.558.6653

AT Restoration is another company that will be with you from start to finish in your Lake Forest mold remediation process. They offer experienced mold removal specialists with IICRC certifications, as well extremely competitive pricing. This company is one that’s hard to beat.

7. All Flood and Fire

All Flood and Fire, despite the name, actually offers amazing mold remediation services in Lake Forest that are incredibly hard to beat. They offer both mold testing as well as complete remediation processes with incredibly sophisticated technology.

8. Perfection Cleaning Restoration

If you visit the website of Perfection Cleaning Restoration, you’ll find hundreds of positive testimonies from satisfied customers. Their mold inspection services in Lake Forest are nearly impossible to top, and the remediation that comes after is miraculous. They also have 24 hour emergency service for your more urgent needs.

9. PuroClean

This company employs a variety of progressive and sophisticated technology to provide stellar Lake Forest mold remediation and ensure that customers are never dissatisfied. Their revolutionary QuickDry system will dry out infected areas to ensure that mold doesn’t recolonize in your home.

10. Greenway Environmental 

Greenway Environmental is a truly amazing mold removal company in Lake Forest. The experienced technicians at Greenway Environmental will dig deep to find the exact root of your mold problem, and educate you and your family to be sure that the mold doesn’t recolonize.