Top 10 Mold Remediation Companies in Lake Zurich, IL

1. ProCare Restoration – 1.844.338.4663
ProCare Restoration is a top company in the Northern Illinois area. The company offers both free mold testing as well as complete mold remediation at an extremely competitive price.

2. National Catastrophe Solutions – 331.425.6653
The highly skilled restoration technicians at National Catastrophe Solutions will get your home back in working order in no time. They’ll start with helping you find a reliable mold testing company, and then they will ruthlessly take care of the mold.

3. Silver Linings Restoration – 866.300.3841
At Silver Linings Restoration, skilled technicians conduct a series of detailed steps to keep the mold out of your home or business – for good. Silver Linings will also filter the air to ensure mold spores in the air don’t recolonize in your home.

4. American Environmental Solutions
American Environmental Solutions prides themselves on quick and affordable service throughout the Chicago area. Servicing both commercial and residential properties, AES offers free estimates and will waste no time in getting your property back to normal.

5. Bella T, Inc.
This company offers IICRC certified technicians that have real-life experience in completely removing the mold from any home or business. They also will offer crucial tips on how to stop mold from returning in the future.

6. Air Scrubbers and Mold Services
This company will remove mold and other contaminants from any commercial or residential building. For Air Scrubbers and Mold Services, no project is too big, and no project too small. They also offer limited lifetime warranties on all mold removal.

7. PuroClean
Call PuroClean at any time of the day or night for mold emergencies. This company prides themselves on competitive pricing for mold removal services; in addition, if you provide photos of the mold, PuroClean guarantees a price estimate within 24-48 hours.

8. Greenway Environmental
Greenway Environmental guarantees the “ultimate satisfaction” when using their mold remediation services. Not only will this company remove the mold from your home, they will also strive to find the root of the problem to ensure that the mold doesn’t return.

9. J.C. Restoration
The team at J.C. Restoration is IICRC certified to provide your home with the best mold remediation cervices. This company also offers air filtration to ensure that your family isn’t breathing mold spores even after the remediation is completed.

10. ServiceMaster-Restore
This company is available 24/7 and 365 days per year, and are an incredible choice for mold remediation. Get some peace of mind with ServiceMaster-Restore and its experienced technicians who will restore your home to the safety that it deserves.