1. National Catastrophe Solutions331.425.6653

Whether you’re looking for an incredible mold removal company in Lincolnwood or just a reliable mold inspection, National Catastrophe Solutions is one of the best mold remediation companies available. Their indoor air quality specialists are available 24/7 to work with your busy schedule.

2. Revive Restoration – 855.631.1531

Here at Free Mold Check, we can’t speak highly enough of Revive Restoration’s Lincolnwood mold removal techniques. Their technicians are IICRC certified, they have round-the-clock service available, and they have unbeatable prices. With Revive Restoration, you can’t go wrong.

3. Silver Linings Restoration866.300.3841

Silver Linings Restoration is a top company in the Lincolnwood area for mold remediation, restoration, and free mold inspections. This family-owned company does it all, and does it with extremely competitive prices.

4. MAT Consulting224.302.6653

MAT Consulting has been performing mold remediation and inspection for a long time, and man, are they impressive. Their certified technicians have years of experience and are prepared to deal with even the moldiest of molds.

5. AT Restoration847.558.6653

AT Restoration is a favorite Lincolnwood mold remediation and testing company for a plethora of reasons. All of their products are EPA registered and OSHA compliant, and they have round-the-clock service available to obliterate even the peskiest mold spores.

6. ProCare Restoration1.844.338.4663

ProCare Restoration is another prime Lincolnwood mold removal and inspection company that uses products that are EPA registered and OSHA compliant. The pricing at ProCare is extremely competitive, as well. They’ve been in this mold removal business for awhile, and it really shows in their mold removal techniques and in their five-star reviews online.

7. Tanin

Tanin has done fully certified mold remediation in Lincolnwood for 25 years. This plethora of experience goes a long way in their techniques for mold removal. Tanin uses complex technology as well as experienced and certified mold removal technicians to make sure that the mold in your home definitely won’t come back.

8. DuraClean

DuraClean has all the components of an excellent Lincolnwood mold removal company. DuraClean has four pillars of excellence when it comes to removing the mold from your home, and they are: reputation, experience, quality, and professionalism. These pillars speak for themselves to show the awe-inspring nature of this Lincolnwood, Illinois mold remediation company.

9. BELFOR Property Restoration

BELFOR Property Restoration is a favorite around the Lincolnwood area for their astounding Lincolnwood mold remediation process. Available 24/7, BELFOR Property Restoration has a plethora of experience in all mold-related fields, and a quick trip to their review page online will show just how great this mold removal company really is.

10. J.C. Restoration

J.C. Restoration is a small and cheap mold remediation company in Lincolnwood. Cheap, here, means that they have a low price. Their quality of mold remediation service is by no means compromised because of their low prices. They will also follow up with a post-treatment inspection in case of the rare event of mold recolonization.