1. National Catastrophe Solutions – 331.425.6653

National Catastrophe Solutions offers innovative moisture testing as a part of their detailed mold remediation service in Palatine, Illinois. Their certified technicians are available round the clock; 24 hours per day, and 7 days per week.

2. MAT Consulting – 224.302.6653

MAT Consulting has been around for an amazing amount of time. Along the way, they’ve learned the ins and outs of mold remediation. They know exactly how to handle any Palatine mold problem and give you some peace of mind.

3. Silver Linings Restoration – 866.300.3841

Silver Linings Restoration really will help you see the Silver Lining to any absolutely any situation. There’s always a silver lining, and this competitive company with IICRC certified technicians will help make sure you see that silver lining.

4. AT Restoration – 847.558.6653

If you want environmentally conscious Palatine mold remediation, then you definitely want to go with AT Restoration. All of the products that the certified technicians at AT restoration use are EPA registered and OSHA compliant, so you can feel good about your mold remediation.

5. ProCare Restoration – 1.844.338.4663

ProCare Restoration does it all with their free mold inspection and rigorous remediation process. ProCare also offers air filtration as a part of their stellar remediation process, so you can be sure that all of the mold spores are out of the air by the time the remediation is finished.

6. Revive Restoration – 855.631.1531

Revive Restoration really will revive your home back to an even better state after mold infestation, and is a really amazing choice in a Palatine, Illinois mold remediation company. It’s hard to beat the prices at Revive Restoration.

7. All Flood and Fire

All Flood and Fire is unique in that they offer damage restoration as a part of their wonderful mold remediation process in Palatine. This means that any items that were damaged by the mold or damaged by the remediation will be replaced by All Flood and Fire.

8. Perfection Cleaning Restoration

Perfection Cleaning Restoration is a company known for its 24-hour service as well as its hundreds of online testimonies from happy customers. This company has some really amazing reviews online, and there’s no doubt that you would be another happy customer after using Perfection Cleaning Restoration.

9. PuroClean

PuroClean is a company that eradicates mold through leading-edge technology. The boasting point of the Palatine restoration services of PuroClean is their legendary QuickDry system, which will get all the moisture mold-fostering out of your home — and incredibly quickly, at that.

10. Greenway Environmental

Greenway Environmental is a great remediation company in Palatine, Illinois for all things moldy. You see, they look for the root of your mold problem and will resolve that, and then they will educate your family to make sure your mold problem doesn’t return.