1. ProCare Restoration1.844.338.4663

Looking for a quick mold removal company in Waukegan, Illinois? Well, ProCare Restoration is second to none in their amazing customer service as well as their speed of mold removal. If you blink, you might miss these quick mold removal experts.

2. Silver Linings Restoration 866.300.3841

Silver Linings Restorations is one of the best choices you can make when searching for a house mold inspection and mold removal specialists in Waukegan, Illinois. This company will both perform an inspection and estimate, as well as demolish any signs of mold in the home.

3. AT Restoration847.558.6653

If you’re trying to find a stellar service for mold detection and removal in Waukegan, AT Restoration is hard to beat. They offer a free mold inspection as well as rigorous mold remediation to make sure that your mold doesn’t recolonize.

4. MAT Consulting224.302.6653

MAT Consulting has mold remediation specialists in Waukegan with years of experience. These specialists have also been IICRC certified to ensure that mold stays out of your home for good — and this is all for an incredibly low price.

5. National Catastrophe Solutions331.425.6653

At National Catastrophe Solutions, the best part of their service is right in their name. Not only does National Catastrophe Solutions do an incredible job of mold removal in Waukegan, Illinois, but they also will look for the source (the solution) of the mold problem in order to prevent future mold colonization.

6. Revive Restoration855.631.1531

Revive Restoration is an astounding company in the business of mold removal and remediation in Waukegan. They are well known both in Waukegan and the entire Chicago area for having incredibly low prices and incredibly quick service.

7. J.C. Restoration

Here at FreeMoldCheck, we truly admire companies like J.C. Restoration for their miraculous methods in mold removal and remediation in Waukegan, as well as their incredible speed of service. This company has it all: they’re quick, they’re cheap, and they’re thorough.

8. AirQuality Analysts

At AirQuality Analysts, you get the entire package: certified specialists with a great deal of experience, and a company that will do anything to produce happy customers. If you’re looking for an astounding mold removal company in Waukegan, look no further.

9. Phase 2

This company has some really unique processes for their amazing mold remediation in Waukegan. They have an advanced dehumidification system to remove mold completely and ensure that it doesn’t return, and they also offer damage repair should anything be damaged by the mold or by the remediation process.

10. Bella T, Inc.

This influential mold removal company in Waukegan goes above and beyond when it comes to mold remediation. Not only will their top-notch services get rid of any and all signs of mold, but they will also educate your family on how to prevent it from returning.