1. Silver Linings Restoration866.300.3841

At Silver Linings Restoration, you really are allowed to see the Silver Lining of any mold situation in Wheeling, IL. Sit back, relax, and let someone else take care of your mold problem.

2. Revive Restoration855.631.1531

Revive Restoration is a great company to revive your home back to its original state. It guarantees to match or be lower than the price of any competitor, so its prices are about as cheap as you’re going to find.

3. ProCare Restoration1.844.338.4663

ProCare Restoration only uses OSHA compliant and EPA registered products in its detailed mold remediation in Wheeling, IL. If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly company, ProCare Restoration is a great choice.

4. MAT Consulting224.302.6653

MAT Consulting is extremely well known for mold remediation in Wheeling, as well as around the entire Chicago area. MAT Consulting has been in business for quite some time and is no stranger to the ins and outs of mold remediation and mold inspection.

5. AT Restoration847.558.6653

At AT Restoration, there are only three words that you need to know: price, price, and price. AT Restoration also does a price-match guarantee and their prices are historically some of the lowest that we’ve seen. If you’re looking for a solid Wheeling remediation company, AT Restoration is an amazing and price-conscious choice.

6. National Catastrophe Solutions331.425.6653

National Catastrophe Solutions does an amazing job of mold remediation in Wheeling. Cutting-edge moisture testing is an important part of their remediation process, and this technology will let the technicians know exactly where the moisture is coming from so they can stop it, and subsequently stop mold growth.

7. J.C. Restoration

J.C. Restoration is a company that will help you with every aspect of mold remediation. They will do an initial inspection, remediate the problem, and then follow up with a checkup to make sure that your mold problem is completely gone.

8. AirQuality Analysts

AirQuality Analysts is one of the reliable Wheeling mold remediation companies that really comes with the entire package. The certified mold removal technicians at AirQuality Analysts are armed with all sorts of advanced technology to demolish your mold problem.

9. Phase 2

Phase 2 is also a great company that uses technological innovations to help remediate mold in Wheeling. Specifically, this company has a great dehumidification system which, if necessary, will dry out infected areas to prevent further mold growth.

10. Bella T, Inc.

Bella T, Inc. is certainly a Wheeling remediation company that goes above and beyond the call of moldy duty. They’ll educate your family on how to prevent further mold growth, as well as using fancy deodorization techniques so that your home feels like home immediately after your remediation.