What Does Toxic Black Mold Look Like? Everything You Need To Know

What Does Toxic Black Mold Look Like? Everything You Need To Know

  • Posted: Apr 27, 2017
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To understand what black mold is, you first have to understand what it’s not. For starters, there’s a common myth that all black mold is toxic and harmful. That is simply not true. With thousands of different mold species roaming the United States, a large percentage are actually harmless. That’s why it’s very important to identify what black mold looks like as well as the potential harm it can be carrying.

At Mold Inspection Illinois, our job is to help you thoroughly understand your mold problem as well as make correct assessments about said problem. You can find yourself spending unnecessary amounts of money simply because you didn’t understand your problem fully.

What Exactly is Black Mold and What is The Toxic Kind

Scientifically speaking, toxic black mold is called Stachybotrys chartarum. However, like most normal people, that’s far too complex to say on a regular basis. The Stachybotrys part of the name is the important one because that produces toxins known as mycotoxins. So while it’s entirely possible to have black mold, you shouldn’t be nearly as worried unless it harbors those mycotoxins.

What Does Regular Mold Look Like

Like we stated before, it’s important to fully understand what black mold is not. So while you may notice something grimy forming along your basement walls, it may not be as dangerous to your health as you think. Normal or regular mold will tend to be a lighter in color shades, ranging from orange, yellow, green, blue, and even white.

If That’s What Regular Mold Looks Like, Then What Does Toxic Black Mold Look Like?

Now that we’re on the same page about what black mold doesn’t look like, it’s time to figure out what in the world it does. In terms of color, ironically black mold isn’t always completely black. It can vary anywhere from a dark green all the way to black. Because mycotoxins require moisture in order to survive, toxic black mold typically has a slimy texture and therefore will have a dampened look.

Common Symptoms You Need To Be Aware Of

As a way to keep yourself from harm’s way, here’s a list of symptoms you should be wary of if there’s black mold present in your home:

-discomfort in the bladder or kidney areas

-fatigue beyond the normal amount, headaches

-difficult breathing or respiratory problems

-vomiting and nausea

-inflammation of skin

-immune system suppression

Toxic black mold is no joke. It should be treated with necessary caution, as it can cause permanent health damage. If you find your home has toxic black mold, it’s in your best interest to seek our a professional mold inspection and remediation company to properly remove it. However, make sure you are properly diagnosing the situation, otherwise, you can find yourself spending money that didn’t need to be used.