Update: Ann Arbor Building Still A Hazard

Update: Ann Arbor Building Still A Hazard

  • Posted: Dec 30, 2015
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In October of 2015, we were alerted about a serious mold situation in a downtown Ann Arbor building. Aside from the extensive mold and structural damage, the building had a twenty-foot tree growing through its roof, making it unsellable.

The building caused a lot of issues for Ann Arbor city officials because the building was significantly below city building codes.

And now, months later, the building is still a hazard and still causing issues. Instead of opting to demolish the building, the owner, Louis Feigelson decided to attempt remediation and reparation but the progress has been slow and expensive.

The building was condemned by the city and Feigelson is expected to address the “blight” issue. Blight means that the building is decreasing the value of the entire area around it because of its  unfortunate appearance as well as its public health risk.

So far, Feigelson has spent roughly $50,000 on repairs, but the building is nowhere near finished and there are still excessive amounts of mold throughout the property. It is hoped that this headache will be taken care of soon, for the sake of Ann Arbor’s downtown district.

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