What To Do After Your Mold Remediation

What To Do After Your Mold Remediation

  • Posted: Jan 07, 2016
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You may be familiar with that euphoric post mold remediation feeling. If you are, you also know the creeping feeling of dread that follows. The whir of thoughts, wondering if the mold will come back and you’ll have to go through all of this again.

As effective as mold remediation is, mold is strong and can always come back if you’re not careful. Take a deep breath of your newly cleaned air. We have some post-remediation tips for you.


Fix Leaks Right Away

Since your home already suffered from a mold infestation, you’re going to want to take measures to prevent this from happening again. So fix your leaky faucet right away and if your roof is dripping, fix that too. It is cheaper and safe to fix these small issues than it is to remediate mold again.


Check Problem Areas Frequently

The beauty of having already experienced mold and had it remediated is that you already know your home’s weak spots. You know exactly where to look to make sure the problem hasn’t returned; although, if you chose a reputable company for your first remediation you should have received (at the very least) a 5 year warranty. Check the areas of prior infestation frequently, but don’t leave out other areas of your home in the process. After all, mold can grow nearly anywhere.


Use Proper Ventilation

After your home has suffered from a mold infestation, you’re going to be much more sensitive to the causes of mold. Since mold thrives is stagnant, moist environments, this means you’re going to need to make sure to use proper ventilation in your home. Always turn on a fan when you shower and if possible open the windows in your basement to allow air in.


Increase Airflow

In fact, on the topic of ventilation, it is important to increase airflow in your home overall. Leave doors open so that the air can travel between rooms. Using fans is another good way to increase airflow and reduce humidity.


Get An Inspection

If you truly suspect your home may be on the brink of another infestation, get an inspection sooner rather than later. You don’t want the mold to cause permanent damage to your health or your home.

Ultimately, it’s important to relax after your mold remediation. You did the right thing for your home and health and you deserve a breather. So sit back, drink some wine, and celebrate the fact that your home is mold-free!

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