You Probably Have Black Mold in Your Basement

You Probably Have Black Mold in Your Basement

  • Posted: Feb 09, 2016
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There’s a lot of information about black mold out there, but did you know it is the most common and most toxic form of a mold infestation? Worse still, one of its absolute favorite places to grow is basements. That’s why we’re making the bold statement that there’s probably black mold in your basement. Here’s why.

Black mold, like any other type of mold, grows in moist, dark areas with little to no ventilation. Does that sound like a certain area in your home? Because one in particular comes into our mind: the basement. Regardless of whether or not your basement is finished, it can be a mold trap.

Basements not only capture a lot of moisture, they trap it there. It’s doubtful you ever open your basement windows, but if you have them, you should be airing your basement out on a regular basis.

Furthermore, if you have carpets–it’s game over. Carpets also have a knack for absorbing and retaining moisture, so if you put carpeting in an already susceptible area, like your basement, you’re essentially offering mold a nice little bed & breakfast for an extended stay.

So don’t invite mold into your home. Black mold is toxic and can cause a number of uncomfortable mold exposure symptoms, like coughing, sneezing, dizziness, and even nose bleeds.

If you have a basement, use fans and use them often. Never put rugs or carpets down there, even if it’s a fully finished basement. And always open windows and air it out regularly when you get the chance.

Black mold is no joking matter, so you should take seriously the fact that you probably have black mold in your basement.

If you see, smell, or otherwise sense a mold infestation in your home, schedule a mold inspection through Mold Inspection Illinois right away. Better to have that out of the way than to let you or your family get sick from your basement’s black mold.

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